Meet the HHM Officers!


Co-President: Hello!! My name is Jamie Lee, I’m a senior studying Biology with a concentration in Neuro and a Psychology minor. Originally I’m from western Nebraska along the border of Wyoming. I moved to San Antonio about two years ago, and began at UTSA Spring 2017 as a transfer student. As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to be involved in working with the homeless, and joined HHM the moment I read about them on Rowdy Link. I loved my time as a service chair and am very grateful for the opportunity to be one of your co-presidents this year. I look forward volunteering along side all of you.

Co-President: Hey guys, I am Esther Soyebo and I am a senior Biology major with a concentration in Neurobiology. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Houston at the age of 9. My goal is to get into medical school and become an Oncologist. I joined UTSA HHM my first semester of college and I have loved every moment with this organization; from playing with children at the shelter to passing out food to the homeless under a bridge . When I am not volunteering, I love to watch Kdramas and I hope to travel to South Korea one day . My plans for the future including going to medical school, traveling around Europe and Asia, and living my best life.


Service Chair: Hey everyone I am Micaela Biggs and I am a sophomore majoring in Cyber Security. I have always enjoyed volunteering since high school so when I found Hunger and Homelessness Movement my first semester of college, I knew it would be an amazing experience! I am honored to be a Volunteer Coordinator for this organization and I look forward to a great year full of memories! A few fun facts about myself is that I love cats and am the youngest and only girl in my family after seven brothers. Life is a circus!

Service Chair: My name is David Akusu. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I moved to Alaska when I was 10 and I spent seven years there before moving to Texas three years ago. My major is Computer Science. My favorite thing to do is Dance. I also love writing. One of my life goals is to one day make a feature length film (as the writer and director). I’m really excited to meet everyone and help the san antonio community this semester.


Service Chair: Hey howdy hey, my name is Kylee and I am a senior Biology major with a minor in Chemistry and a concentration in Neurobiology here at UTSA. I am from Corpus Christi, Texas and I went to high school in a small town called Orange Grove. My favorite thing to do is go fishing, I prefer salt, and it is on my bucket list to work on a private fishing boat at some point in my life. I am excited and am looking forward to volunteering with everyone this semester! I wish everyone the best of luck in their classes and extracurricular activities this semester!

Web Developer: Well hello there! My name is Austin Schoppe, and I am a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. My main role within HHM is to manage and develop the web page you are currently viewing. I first joined HHM since it I knew many people within the organization and because it was small enough that I could get to know the ones I didn’t. I am a native San Antonian, and enjoy reading Lord of the Rings and playing Minecraft.


Director of Public Relations: Hi! I’m Riti Srivastava, a sophomore studying psychology on the pre-med track. I’m also from Austin, TX. As Director of PR, I’m excited to be working with y’all to actively better our campus and the city of San Antonio through service. I love to travel and absolutely love dogs!

Membership Engagement: Hello everyone! My name is Follow Me. Yes, that is my real name. I was born in Thailand, but my ethnicity is Karen. Not many people know who the Karens are. In fact, I am one of four Karens attending UTSA. I am a senior majoring in biology and planning to go to medical school. When I become a doctor, I hope to travel the world and volunteer at refugee camps. Joining HHM has given me the opportunity to be part of something greater. I enjoy volunteering at homeless shelters and serving food on the streets, because there are many people out there who are less fortunate. If you enjoy serving others or need a place to feel like you belong, HHM is just for you!


Volunteer Coordinator: Hi there! My name is Marissa Morales. I am a Junior who is hoping to major in Biology and concentrate in Neurobiology. I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I have 2 sisters and, fun fact, when I was around 7 months old, I had open heart surgery! I work on campus at the Student Union as an Operations Student Manager. I am currently a Teaching Assistant for a biology research course which I absolutely love. I enjoy the topics of science, astronomy, traveling, and general conversations. I like to listen to others so if you need someone to talk/vent to, I can be your ear and I will try to help you in any way I can. Also, I am a part of the Table Runners (pool club) and CUFI organizations on campus. Anywho, I hope everyone has a wonderful semester and I look forward to volunteering with you all. Take it easy!

Director of Finance: Hello, my name is Josh Peck. I’m a sociology major in my sophomore year.  I was born in Downey, California, and I am the youngest of five. I absolutely love to write and I want to pursue a career in journalism after I graduate. Currently, I am the assistant managing editor for The Paisano, which involves writing, dealing with writers, copyediting, doing photography and attending lots of meetings. I also love to read, but it’s hard to find time to fit it in my very busy schedule. Travel has been a huge part of my life and I’m ready to bring it back into my life very soon. It may sound boring, but I’m actually really looking forward to my role as secretary for HHM; marking points for volunteers, communicating with the service chairs and project leads, and making sure that all members have quick and easy access to their hours. Excited to see what my first semester with HHM has to hold.


Director of Finance: Hi! My name is Ileen Montemayor, and I’m majoring in Sociology and in Politics and Law. I’m a first generation student from the Rio Grande Valley. At the moment, I’m studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Growing up in an impoverished area, I’ve seen the effects of homelessness in my community, and I believe it’s our duty to do our part to help. I love being a part of an amazing organization, surrounded by people who want to make a difference.

Faculty Advisor: Bienvenidos! I am an Academic Counselor & Lecturer for the Honors College, and I have the honor of being the Faculty Advisor for this amazing student organization. I am a native San Antonian and UTSA Alumnus. I love all things art, books, music, and being outdoors. My service background lies in teaching, coordinating, and serving with various organizations. I love that this group shares my passion for what they do. They not only provide service but education, awareness, and opportunities for others in the true spirit of giving back to their community!

Past HHM Officers

Fall 2016 – Spring 2018

  • Shruti Sinkar- Co-president and  Founder
  • Shivam Patel- Co-president
  • Annie Ma- service chair
  • Oscar Cantua- service chair
  • Janell Flores- service chair
  • Cameron Nguyen- Web Page developer
  • Hector Medellin and Carlos Canizales – Secretary 
  • Simon Karottakuttu – Director of Finances
  • Kimberly Errisuriz – Director of Public Relations
  • Sebastian Garza  – Director of Fundraising
  • Hector Medellin – Director of Fundraising 

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

  • Simon Karottakuttu- Co-president
  • Janell Flores- Co-president
  • Jamie Lee- service chair
  • Oscar Cantua- Service chair
  • Brian Gonzalez- Service chair
  • Cameron Nguyen- Web Page developer
  • Hector Medellin- Director of Finance
  • Diana Reyes – Director of Public Relations
  • Jacklynn Ware – Director of Public Relations 
  • Mital Patel – Membership Engagement
  • Carlos Canizales – Secretary